Stichting Katholiek Onderwijs Saba (SKOSaba) is the only primary school education organization on the island of Saba offering inclusive education. It is the only primary school for this small English-speaking Island with a catholic background, but we are
open to other denominations. We currently cater to approximately 160 students. Our student population is very diverse in background (English, Saban English Lexifier Creole, Dutch, Spanish and more) and socio-economic status with a wide range of needs. The
current organization consists of the SKOSaba board, including the executive director, a principal, a vice-principal and the team. The team, with approximately 25 -mainly- full-time teachers and aides, 1 care coordinator and support staff, is very diverse in
educational background and experience.

The main tasks and responsibilities of the principal are multi-faceted:

1. Educational leadership: shaping and implementing a sustainable educational vision through policies, planning and control.
2. Leading the educational team: eye for leading via coaching, functioning, welfare and well-being and teambuilding. In other words, ensuring that our diverse team can function optimally. More details under “Team leader”.
3. Coordination of the internal school organization: shaping and implementing policies and executing and delegating tasks.
4. Coordination of external communication to educational and non-educational stakeholders

Specific challenges / tasks
• The SHS is continuously striving to improve the quality of education and we have the ambition to reach the next quality level according to the framework of the Dutch Inspectorate within the next couple of years.
• Strengthen and emphasis on professional development of all staff members with the (additional) funding that has been made available by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, especially in embracing technology and differentiation in the classroom.


We are looking for:
•  a principal who is able to unify and direct a diversely educated team with varying needs and competencies towards higher quality education for our unique student population.
•  a principal who can direct and lead educational innovation and sustainable development with respect for Caribbean and Saban culture.
•  an inspiring leader who shapes and implements a sustainable culture of professionalism and team spirit among staff.
•  a visionary facilitator who inspires each member in the team to work towards a safe and positive learning environment, and who involves team members in development and decision-making.
•  a hands-on policy developer and implementor in education, personnel and finance in accordance with Dutch laws. Knowledge of the Dutch Language is essential.
•  a holistic thinker to oversee the many different processes playing in and around our school.
•  a sensitive communicator who understands how small communities function.
•  a caring and open-minded organizer who fits our school and community and works to realise each child’s potential.

Personality, Skills and competencies
The situation at our school requires:
•  a committed and flexible all-rounder with a clear vision and objective, based on analyses and achieved via decisive and goal-oriented planning.
•  a strong, fair and calm leader.
•  a good listener with integrity.
•  an experienced cross-cultural communicator who values transparency.
•  a hands-on, committed, enthusiastic and resourceful coach.
•  a patient professional who knows how to prioritise.



Candidates should send the information listed below in a single PDF file attached to an email before February 28, 2023:

  • A letter of application describing your interest in the principal position at SHS, listing your strengths as a candidate and how your qualifications and experience align with the position profile.
  • A current resume not to exceed two pages.
  • A statement describing your leadership and educational philosophy, not to exceed two pages.
  • A one (1) page list of four (4) referees who have been your direct supervisors, with current email addresses.

Letter Selection Committee                  – March 2, 2023
Interviewing Committee                       – March 16+17, 2023
Second interview / labor conditions     – March 23, 2023

Over Sacred Heart Primary School

Our Mission
The mission statement of the Sacred Heart School is:
To empower each child Intellectually, emotionally, socially, culturally, physically and spiritually in an environment conducive to Self-motivated learning.
The child will develop to his/her fullest potential as a contributing member Of the community.
Each child will be treated with dignity, respect and appreciation of his/her individual contributions.